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Featured Trainee:

“LoveStruck’s Production team is very open and friendly in nature. I loved the freebies I was given to take home, every other day. The taste and design of their Cakes are really superior ... sometimes I wished to eat them all but couldn’t. I enjoyed working creatively in the Cake Studio. There’s 100% laughter in the air and real discipline to time. I had good time balance for theory and practical, and it was so refreshing to be in a learning environment where I’m monitored for progress. The low teacher-student ratio was a superb idea too.”
- Uchechi Umeojiego

Often nick-named The LoveStruck University by our team, our operational environment nutures skill acquisition in the Confectionery Business. Our Faculty love to teach as we bake as a Social Enterprise that improves the community in which we trade.

Why Attend Our Course?
Individual Creativity, Improved Productivity and Financial Independence are the most popular reasons why students come for LoveStruck trainings. We believe that learning should be fun-filled and memorable while enhancing knowledge dissemination, as such our Catering Courses are combined with FLEXIBILITY, PRACTICAL SUPPORT and TRAINEE SUPERVISION - key ingredients required for any ideal learning platform.
Who Facilitates Our Course?
Specialized Tutors - Professionals from The LoveStruck Bakery who belong to a generation of Family Bakers since 1980. trained at The Wilton School in the USA, and their skills have been honed through trending techniques in the 21st Century’s Cake consumption experience.
Guest Tutors – Master craftsmen who have time honed their skills thus distinguishing themselves.
Team LoveStruck – members of our team to make it all real.
What Do We Expect From Our Trainees?
Being a stickler for time and having a disciplined attitude to organization is a great plus as a Baker in today’s world.
Trainees are thus expected to attend their classes on their due date.

LoveStruck will not reschedule any missed classes.

Trainees registering for advanced classes MUST have pre-requisite experience on beginner and intermediate training levels. Training materials are provided as specified per course. It is expected that trainees pay in full prior to resumption. Fees paid are non-refundable once the course-register-by date has been confirmed.

Currently in training for the Basic cake and decorating class and must say that its worth my while every step of the way. The classes are so detailed you'll know the underlying reasons for using each ingredient and the resultant effect, moreso you'll get to do practicals daily so as you learn theory its sealed with practical knowledge on the HOUSE, so you'll get value for every kobo paid as training fees, glad i chose Lovestruck

-Kehinde Elegbede

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