Mindful Eating - How To Eat Mindfully

Mindful Eating- How To Eat Mindfully

Strategy 1

- In Eating Mindfully , LoveStruck recommends
starting with one mealtime: breakfast, lunch,
or dinner.
- Choose a specific location to eat, such as your table or the lunchroom at work.
- Sit quietly. Don't get up, and don't answer
the phone.
- Have all the food you intend to eat on the
table in front of you before starting.
- To be mindful you must give your full
attention to your eating. You must focus on
the process of eating and enjoying your meal.

Strategy 2

Another way to slow down the process of eating is to challenge the way you have always done it.
For example, try eating using your hands
instead of your customary utensils.
This will force you to take smaller portions,
eat more slowly, and look at your food more
closely. Observe the sensation of picking up the food and placing it in your mouth.

Strategy 3

In Coming to Our Senses, mindfulness guru
Jon Kabat Zinn says, "When we taste with
attention, even the simplest foods provide a
universe of sensory experience, awakening us
to them."
Pay attention to your meal when eating!

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