LoveStruck is home to the trippiest baked delights in Lagos. Here we live for taste and quality in all our Confectionery. We’ve got an eclectic variety of food satisfying simple and complex palettes alike. Our Croissants use an original French recipe and are stuffed with fresh cheese or dark chocolate. Our chocolate isn’t of a compound mix because it uses a home-made recipie which is ideal for our consumers.  Our Baked Cookies are famously so-called because we’ve swapped frying for bakingwhile incorporating a low sugar content. For any celebration or snack time, you can also enjoy our Small chops, Oven-fresh Bread, Hot dog rolls, Glazed doughnuts, and Burger Buns; baked fresh daily. Tired of the ordinary? Indulge in a unique twist to traditional Nigerian Bakery! 

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