Work at LoveStruck

Do you have dreams of joining a progressive team of bakers, crafters, marketers, administrators and more?
If yes, then LoveStruck offers such a place.
The daily grind is challenging yet exciting. There's training for our staff to meet strict LoveStruck quality standards. There's competiton toward performance and still we have good times together. 
Here's a selection of staff impressions about working here:

Junior A.: I feel at home at LoveStruck. It’s almost like I’m with my family. There's discipline to time and I’ve learnt a lot of new things.

Uwem E.: I’m doing what I like and that’s my greatest satisfaction at LoveStruck.  Our management team is very friendly and they are considerate to my needs at work. This has given me the confidence to love my job.

Maria I.: Producing, packaging and other tasks i do, i like. I enjoy having a larger team at LoveStruck than I had at my previous job. Colleagues here make great conversation too.

Adams F.: The Cake Studio is a real wonder. Being a Cake novice, I marvel at the baking environment. It teaches me new things each day, things I never thought I could learn. The Staff Quarters makes commuting to work non-stressful.

Moses: The food industry is very new to me and I’m loving it.  My job at LoveStruck is an avenue to learn new things about Customer Service, Accountability on many levels, and Talent Management. I have grown to be in charge of the learning development of my team, and this is both scary and rewarding at the same time.


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