Responses to the most Frequently Asked Questions at our bakery..

1. My Cake is not an exact replica of the picture I sent! 

Please give allowance for artistic licence. Our cake architects strive to re-create your cakes as represented in the pictures you send, but  slight differences may exist due to complexities, tooling, product availability or a quest to improve on the original design. The visual appeal of our Cakes mean a lot to us and we are proud of our Quality, so please trust that we aim to create a product that will ‘wow’ you.

2. My Bank debited me twice for the same order. What should I do?

In cases involving multiple debits to your account accruing to us, we can;

a. Effect a refund after due confirmation of receipt of the said funds

b. Retain the extra payment in your buyer profile with us. The funds can then be used toward subsequent purchase(s) at our Bakery. The credit retained is always valid and has no expiry date. However, as product prices may change, the fund will not be tied to any particular order. 

In cases of multiple debits not accruing to LoveStruck, please contact your bank for prompt resolution of the matter.

3. How can I ensure my delivery time? 

To make sure your order gets to you within a particular time frame, it is important that you book and confirm with payment AT LEAST 48 hours prior to delivery. In the event that you have opted for a delivery window outside our 10:00 am to 04:00 pm business hours, there will be a surcharge for this. Our same-day cakes and last-minute cakes are tuned for a 6-hour lead-time from payment confirmation by our Customer Service Team. Please call our Sales Hotline to fast track such orders.

4. My delivery was late. 

If for any reason we are unable to deliver within the time frame specified by our customer due to traffic congestion, force majure or any unforeseen event, we notify the clients immediately.

5. I want my cake very early.. My child leaves for school by 7:00 am with her Birthday Cake.

Please note that our delivery window is between 10am and 4 pm. In a case such as the above scenario, Please request to receive your order the day before your celebration or discuss a custom delivery option with our customer care unit.

6. If i get my cake a day early, will it spoil?

No, our cakes have a minimum shelf life of 3 days*. Follow our simple rules for preserving the cake and it would stay as fresh as a LoveStruck.

*Gourmet products from LoveStruck should be consumed within a day from production.

7. I missed my delivery. What happens next? 

We aim to deliver your product(s) to your waiting arms as promised, to your specified delivery address, on the specified day. We cannot specify an exact delivery time due to the unpredictable nature of traffic congestion, order volumes and delivery distances. When our Despatch officer arrives your delivery location, your specified recipient will be contacted. If there is no response from the recipient in 30 minutes, Despatch is instructed to return your order to our Bakery. The customer then has to arrange a pick up from the bakery or pay a return fee to have it re-delivered to you.   If you or your recipient is out of the office, please specify a colleague/neighbor/friend who can receive it. Our Despatch is authorized to deliver to only one address per order. Change of address will attract delivery charges.

8. Do you deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays?

Sundays.. No. But we may be able to arrange something in that regard for you. Speak with customer care.

Public Holidays..Yes we do and it’s still free of charge.  

9. How can I preserve my Cake?

All cakes are delivered properly packaged, tamper-proof sealed and temperature-compensated based on the product specification.

A fridge will do for cream cakes and a cool dry place for fondant frosted cakes. Storage instructions for other cakes are specified on the product pages and flyers are attached to the box detailing how to handle and store our cakes. If you miss this information, you can still contact our Customer Service Team to walk you through what to do.  

10. Can I change the delivery address for my Cake?

You can change the delivery address for your order up to 12 hours prior to delivery, otherwise, a surcharge will apply. We deliver nationwide. If you will not be around to receive your order, please arrange for someone to receive it on your behalf, and notify us at or before delivery.  

11. Do I get a refund for a Late, Missed or Re-scheduled Delivery? 

No. At this time, our service policy does not accommodate the refund for orders confirmed with payment. We have a compensation policy  in place to ensure our customers get the best value from us (for errors due to LoveStruck Only). Our Customer Service Team is available to discuss any concerns that you may have. 

12. Why does the LoveStruck website seem to be unresponsive to me?  

If you are having trouble using our website, it could be: 
(a) The LoveStruck site may be in upgrade mode or experiencing technical difficulties. 
(b) The connection at your end may be faulty. Check your internet connection and browsing speed. 
(c) The web portal may be busy. Try again. If you've done all this and continue to have difficulties, please contact us on alternative channels and we'll be happy to help you.

Our Customer Service Team is available from Mondays to Saturdays between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

12. Do you give other people my personal data or contact information? 

No. We don't reveal any personal contact information we receive when you contact us.

13. How do I know LoveStruck is legitimate? 

We understand and applaud you for being so darn thorough. It's very important to feel comfortable on a website that you're giving personal information and/or money to.

Buying on LoveStruck offers you peace of mind in a number of ways;

- Our Privacy Policy describes what information we collect and how we use it.

- All our online transactions are routed through the secure Interswitch payment portal. This should leave a hint at what background checks have been carried out on our business.

- Further, The LoveStruck Company is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission RC 2195753 with Tax Identification Number 12446496-0001 and NAFDAC number LA/0080B/AMU. Our brand and logo are trademarked internationally as ‘The LoveStruck Company. 

14. Are you going to sell my contact information to a marketing agent? 


15. What are the hidden charges for booking and delivery? 


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