About Us

About Us


LoveStruck is the choice Brand for luxurious Cakes, superior Confectionery, exquisite Gifts, Honeymoon tours and flawless Events.


Our team of dedicated professionals:produce oven-fresh Bakes provide Gifting Solutions create world-class Confectionery package Honeymoons organize Celebration events.


We absolutely rock because we’ve raked up at least 35 years of Culinary experience merging the best tastes of the past and present. We’ve got budget-friendly bakes delivered FREE and an Insurance plan to ensure the best value for your money. Our organic quality in Food Production is endorsed by NAFDAC with number LA/0080B/AMU.   


To be the go-to brand for successful celebrations in every home, organisation and social group.


To help our clients ignite, nurture and express their affection in the best way.


Quality  – If it’s a LoveStruck, then it’s got CLASS. 

Integrity  – We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it and how we say we will do it. If an unforeseen circumstance prevents this, we will be open about it in a timely, kind, respectful and considerate manner. We accept responsibility for our actions, products and policies. This applies to individuals on our team and the Company’s operational culture, as a whole. We consistently pledge exceptional products that are high in quality, good for your body and good for your relationships. In this way, we take seriously the opportunity to serve our consumers, with the right products and services, at the right time.

Innovation  – We currently champion food innovation in our market segment and we research daily to keep it this way. We have learned beautiful ways to re-invent our brand story and keep our service capabilities consistently fresh. Our Health and Safety standards, Production quality control, NAFDAC protocols, First-Aid and Medical team help us ensure the good health, well-being and vitality of our teammates and customers. This is achieved through ACT (Awareness, Communication and Training).
Teamwork  – We believe in the strong principle of Together Each Achieves More. Our team remains our greatest asset and as such we invest in creating for them a positive work environment where they can enjoy a spirit of cooperative effort amongst individuals and departments, while achieving a successful Organization. We encourage our teammates to take initiative and give their best at all times. Our work environment is learning-centric and training-focused for employees to lead and make customer-focused decisions.  

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